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I needed a hitch carrier for my motorhome and found the 400 lb aluminum Rage for $130,including shipping, so I decided to take a chance. The hitch is well made, and the 45 inch ramp is too, but it is too short for the height of my 4x4 motorhome hitch. It is just too steep to push the TW up without finding a curb or low spot to get the carrier lower. Once the bike is on the carrier, though, it fits perfectly with the standard tires. Tires any wider will likely not work.

I was able to bend up some heavy aluminum sheet stock and fit it to the ramp to extend it to 75 inches. That makes the angle shallow enough, but also makes the ramp easy to twist. I solved that by attaching an 18 inch piece of aluminum bar stock to the ground end of the ramp and that helped a lot. Folks with lower hitches should be OK with the standard ramp without extending it.

I just drove about 500 miles with the bike on the carrier with no problems, so I'm satisfied with it. It is light enough to be easy to put on the MH, and it stood up well to some rough roads.

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