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1987 TW200 for sale, real nice and only 1985 miles

I am an Austrian guy and plan to spend the winters In Florida and bought a TW200 '87 last year for 1600 US$. Only 1985 miles on the speedo, but the neutral swich was leaking, so I began to repair this. The left cover was removed and I bought all spares and gaskets, but I didn't finish the work because I had to fly home to Austria. I think it is 1 hour to get everything fixed but I am in Europe now.

The bike looks very nice, only a few minor chips on the tank which can be corrected with a touch-up paint. I want to sell the bike, because we plan to go to Florida soonest in 4 or 5 years, so it makes no sense to keep it for this time. What do you think is a realistic price, the bike is standing in Fort Lauderdale and can be viewed there.

Best regards from Austria, Guido


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