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Rear Brake trouble

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2012 with about 4500 miles on it.

Felt a "hitch" in the rear brake while I was out.

Getting back home and taking a look at it just now, and something is def wrong.

The arm that comes off the drum does not spring back anymore, no matter if I have turned the wing nut down tight, or loosened it up all the way.

Basically, when I push down on the foot pedal, the arm looks like it stays in a forward position after I pull off.

The brake isn't locking up, at least not violently... the pad may be rubbing I guess, but not noticeably.

Also, occasionally, when I was using hands to move it back and forth, I would feel that "hitch" again, like something is catching.

I have no idea what is up.

Brake cleaner and WD40 didn't change a thing and thats as far as I've gotten.

Got to head off to class in a minute, but looks like this is gonna be my weekend project.

Could that rear pad have worn out in less than 5k?

My front pad looks like it has tons of life left in it...

Also, on the backside of the brake drum arm there is an arrow indicator sort of gauge... never noticed it before... assume its important, lol.
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The gauge is a wear gauge. There's a pointer on it which indicates how much beef is left on your linings. If you push down on the brake pedal and the pointer is near the end of the scale it's time for new shoes.

If that's not the case then most likely your brake engagement cam shaft has become corroded inside the backing plate and needs to come out.

In any case you'll need to remove the rear wheel to get to the backing plate. Remove the brake arm and pull the shaft that passes through the backing plate out from the inside of the backing plate. It may take a bit of lubrication and patience. There's an o-ring on the shaft which can tear if you force it out.

Clean the bore in the backing plate, as well as the shaft. It's probably coated with some pretty stubborn, hardened black stuff. Put some grease on the shaft and o-ring then smear it with your fingers until it's only a barely visible coating. Same with the flats on the cam. Re-insert the pin and make sure it rotates easily in any direction, then if your brake shoes themselves are still good and your brake springs are still intact, reassemble everything, adjust your brakes and yer back in buisiness.
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Danwray just posted this on another thread. Another, simpler possibility:

........""FYI, I found that the little plastic part that the spring surrounds on the rod going from the pedal to the drum was becoming unseated. Instead of sliding on the rod, it would pop off and clamp the rod. Thats the sticky feeling i was experiencing. Just in case anyone else was experiencing this.""
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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