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rear sprocket

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ok i just wanted to ask before i go and spend money for nothing.sprocket question: drop a tooth on the front and get more low end snap, i do this on my crotch rockets and is a standard mod. to acheive more top end speed you drop teeth on the rear? i see alot of people are running a 47 tooth rear sprocket. how much gain in top end speed is there? im running stock sprockets right now which i think is 15 front 50 rear.i snapped the stock chain at only 265 miles on it so i may as well just get the most heavy duty set up i can find. any suggestions would be great.
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Sebastian has a 520 conversion available.

Stock sprockets are 14/50. It is a good all around combo. 15/50 or 14/47 will allow more function in 1st on the street and less vibration on the highway. There will not be any gain in top speed for most riding conditions because a stock TW will hardly pull redline (74mph) with the stock sprockets unless going downhill.
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