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Rear Tire - ATV satisfaction inquiry

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I have had a Maxxis Bighorn ATV tire for two years now and have not had any issues. I run it off road (95% of my riding) of the time and air at 6-8psi. It's a tractor tire in the mud (never been stuck) and a mountain goat on steep loose rocks. So far, I love it. However I have nagging concerns about jamming a jagged rock between the swingarm and the tire and making a fast exit from the bike. Hasn't happened (the exit) but I have had rocks jam in there. I also wonder if I am compromising the rim with this tire - I have seen others with rim damage from their ATV tires. I have been contemplating returning to the stock rear tire as I foresee more dual sport riding on logging roads as opposed to single track or quad tracks. I never liked the poor traction of the stock rear so it's not really appealing to go back to it. I have been watching for a second rim that I could put a stock tire on and try both, but they never seem to come available at a reasonable price. And lastly, I don't want to do a swingarm lengthening - that would resolve the rock jamming, but I don't want to do that modification.

Just thinking outloud - I know the obvious solution: stop worrying just ride, but I'd like to get a good discussion thread going to help others with similar decisions. Thanks.

What are some thoughts going through your minds on your ATV tires?
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Tough call.

I've run the Bighorn2 and the Terracross back-to-back, street and dirt. Not sure how many thousands of miles that represents at this point. I've hated every minute of it for the power and fuel mileage loss and funky handling, loved every minute of it knowing it would go anywhere I was dumb enough to take it. For the most part it's like a gun. Better to have it and not need it than the other way around. I have a stocker on a spare rim but I dread using it unless I'm going on a road trip of at least 500-1,000 miles.

But every time I need to swap to the stocker it's like a vacation that I don't want to end. Truth told it would handle 75% of my situations and probably 100% of them if I wanted to put up with it. Of course the first time I have to put up with it I come home and put the ATV tire back on and leave it on.

Vicious cycle. I'd opt for the two-rim solution if you can. You're prolly ruined now. lol.

The tread face and side profile of these two tires fit the stock swingarm without interference. I did remove the inside chainguard tabs and trim the the plastic, but it really wasn't required with the Bighorn2 and it was already done when I mounted the Terracross. The Bighorn2 mounted more easily than the Terracross. By that I mean it took less time, measured in days. I run 55T rear sprockets with both and adjusted axle setback with chain length, compromising between clearance and future chain adjustments.

My first Bighorn had its life shortened considerably when a rock got lodged in the swingarm, ripping substantial chunks out of the tread. If you're gunna run a stock swingarm be aware that the threat of this is quite real.

Both tires Have worked equally well and interestingly were quieter than the stock knobby. The Terracross has been working fine but its large void-to-lug ratio makes me a bit nervous. The voids are fairly large expanses of thin tire carcass. I'll probably go back to the Bighorn once it wears out, but only out of superstition. I've never managed to puncture either tire.
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