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Rear Tire - ATV satisfaction inquiry

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I have had a Maxxis Bighorn ATV tire for two years now and have not had any issues. I run it off road (95% of my riding) of the time and air at 6-8psi. It's a tractor tire in the mud (never been stuck) and a mountain goat on steep loose rocks. So far, I love it. However I have nagging concerns about jamming a jagged rock between the swingarm and the tire and making a fast exit from the bike. Hasn't happened (the exit) but I have had rocks jam in there. I also wonder if I am compromising the rim with this tire - I have seen others with rim damage from their ATV tires. I have been contemplating returning to the stock rear tire as I foresee more dual sport riding on logging roads as opposed to single track or quad tracks. I never liked the poor traction of the stock rear so it's not really appealing to go back to it. I have been watching for a second rim that I could put a stock tire on and try both, but they never seem to come available at a reasonable price. And lastly, I don't want to do a swingarm lengthening - that would resolve the rock jamming, but I don't want to do that modification.

Just thinking outloud - I know the obvious solution: stop worrying just ride, but I'd like to get a good discussion thread going to help others with similar decisions. Thanks.

What are some thoughts going through your minds on your ATV tires?
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I'm happy with the Ceros. To me it's a good compromise. Not as big or aggressive as some of the ATV tires out there, but enough bigger and more aggressive than stock to make a significant difference. I don't get into deep mud much, but I've been very impressed with the Ceros's performance in deep sand. I've never been stuck with it, either. It's quiet and is wearing very well, also. I don't think I'll ever go back to stock, given a choice.
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