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Hello again good people. As promised in the old forum I'm reporting on my use of Redline 20w50 HP synthetic oil. This is not their motorcycle specific oil but is however "designed for motorcycle wet clutches". This is not to start another oil debate, just my tangible observations. As background I have used the motorcycle specific Castrol, Mobil 1, Amsoil and now Redline HP. I have not noticed any difference in engine running temperature, noise or power between these oils. I run them all for 1000 miles or so, as at $8 to $12 a quart they ought to last at least that long! I have no doubt all these oils will do an excellent job protecting your engine. Of these that I have tested Redline hands down provides the smoothest shifting and smoothest clutch engagement. My Tdub shifting has always been notchy, kinda rough. Redline made a big improvement, up-shifting and downshifting, way better than the others tested. All oils tested had noticeably poorer shifting after 500 miles or so. This I believe is due to 'oil shear', the Tdub just flat chews it up. The Redline was not immune to this effect either, but never degraded to a point below where the others were when fresh. The other tangible evidence was sludge in the oil filter ? All my previous oil changes have produced decreasing amounts of small stuff with no sludge. This time I had all kinds of stuff in there. At first I thought "Oh No" that Redline is destroying my engine! After closer inspection it turns out to be a mix of more than the usual amount of small particles, lots of really fine particles and sludge. I'm not an engine expert but it appears that the Redline is cleaning out the motor. Would like to know what you guys think about that? I'm going another 1000 miles with Redline as it shifts the best and is available locally @ NAPA.

best regards, mac
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