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Boy, that is a very nice case dhoenisch, and a great concept. I have found that there are many things out there that will fall into the 'cross application' category. Before I spend $$$ on a low cost bike, I look for 'low-cost' alternatives. Since I seem to have more 'free-time' than the average Family man, I visit 'Thrift Stores' often. Here is what I have found for under $5.00. For me, these have and will make very usable rear trunks. If you have the time, don't be afraid to think "ourside the box". Gerry

Here is a DeWalt multi tool case that I purchased for $4.00 from the Salvation Army. Took abit of work to cut out the molded inserts (Dremel tool) but has worked fine....

Here is a Hitachi elect. tool box. Bigger, and very nice once modded.

Here is an aluminium case (high quality CIA). One of our members has one, and this one was sent to a forum member in New Guinea. "Seek, and ye shall find". Gerry

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