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You can easily remove the spring on the TW shock. First, place the shock top-side-down on a floor jack; second use a tiedown strap and tightly secure the bottom of the spring (now at the top because its upside down) on both sides to the bottom of your jack; third, here is the dangerous part - hold the shock very securely straight up and have someone slowly jack up the shock; fourth, the spring retainer will come loose when the spring is tensioned - remove the retainer; fifth, release the tension on the spring from the jack. That's all it takes.

This technique will work but be advised that it can be very dangerous if your strap gives way, or slides off, etc.

Most automotive stores will "rent" you a spring compressor for free (you give them a deposit). Your use a ratchet to compress the spring and it holds it there for you, safely.

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