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I had a buddy in town last week that wanted to do some riding. We decided to do some desert riding then camp on the edge of Silver City.
My overnight pack (actually 3 days worth)...

His overnight pack...

^^^Notice the bald tire?^^^

We rode the desert loop south of Murphy and hit the memorable spots.

Marc overheats pretty easy so we needed frequent water and rest breaks. Aside from that it was relatively drama-free until we got to camp. We were planning to eat before setting up camp when Marc realized he had lost the keys to the padlocks on his rear case. Luckily, one of the overland guys showed up a couple hours later with a cordless cutoff saw. He found the keys inside the locked case.

Next morning we broke camp and waited for the sun to dry out our gear and warm our bones. Stopped at one of the mines on the way out. Not exactly sure what the car is (1940 Buick?) but it used to run a winch to the mine.

Then over the hills and back home for steak, beverages, and tall tales.
Maybe a 37 or 38 split window.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts