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Hello everyone! Selling my helmet, neck brace, and motorcycle armor for a jacket. If you go to my eBay page, I'm also selling a new chest protector and padded underwear from Forcefield (best body armor in the world) Also, I'm taking the TW in for some work tomorrow. I will soon have stock tires, stock tubes, a stock chain, and a stock sprocket for sale with only 1,500 miles on ebay! Looking forward to buying a new helmet and some textile pants for Christmas once I sell this stuff! I'd like to stress if I haven't enough on eBay that much of this stuff is new or lightly used. It's in great shape! Thanks for viewing.

Neck Brace:
New Unused Leatt STX Road Brace $400 New | eBay

Full Face Helmet:
HJC Full Face Helmet w Extra Shield Fog Lens and Carrying Bag $175 Value | eBay

Motorcycle Armor:
Motorcycle Foam Jacket Armor 5 Piece | eBay
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