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Rewiring the light switch

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I've searched high and low here for info on how to rewire the headlight.

No success.

I want the light OFF when the switch is on LOW beam.

And I want the light on HIGH, when the switch is on HIGH beam.

Any help is appreciated.
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Cut or disconnect the low beam wire in the harness behind the headlight.

Thanks man.

Yamaha was even kind enough to put a connector on the yellow wire in there.

Without the low beam always on, I figure I'll have more juice and battery recharge capacity to run some accessories.
Remember that wire will still be hot when the switch is on low beam. If it's a male connector you'll want to insulate it.

I cut and put a toggle switch on the low beam wire. Now I can turn it off or on and of course use just the high beam. Gerry

That's an even better idea.

And to correct my earlier comment, the low-beam wire to disconnect is the GREEN one.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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