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My friend Jay called up a few weeks ago: Hey, let's load your TW in the back of my truck and go up to Ribfest. We'll meet up with my brother and his two TW's and we'll show us around Hickman County in central Tennessee. Ribfest is an annual event hosted by the Nashville BMW motorcycle club. Camp is out in the woods near Centerville. We arrived at camp on Thursday, split up to visit family that evening, and arrived by at camp at 9:50 Friday morning:

Unfortunately, it started raining at 10:00. After we realized the rain had set in for the day, we decided to see some local sites from the truck, including this bust of Minnie Pearl sculpted in chicken wire:

Jay and his brother had to tend to family affairs on Saturday, so I set off to explore the area on my own:

Wrigley, TN:

I traveled a short stretch of the Natchez Trace, and encountered the Duke boys:

At Leipers Fork where I stopped for samples at a Chili Cook-off and enjoy the music:

Even venturing as far as Santa Fe: :D

Central TN is a great area with lots of small paved & unpaved roads to explore:
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