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Rich Mountain Rendezvous Ark/Ok September 14-17, 2017

The Tiddler to the Top! :icon_sunny:

The Rich Mountain Rendezvous is an annual September gathering for motorcyclists at Queen Wilhelmina State Park near Mena, Arkansas, close to the Oklahoma border. I've attended most all years, but not with the TW ... so this year, Brad B., rally co-coordinator Kat & I (all TW enthusiasts) have decided to incorporate a small bike fun run in the the Rich Mountain Rendezvous. The primary organized ride is a +/-126 mile paved road loop on Saturday the 16th for motorcycles and scooters up to 250cc,'s (think Zuma, Grom, Vespa, Cushman, Sprint, CT, CL, XL, TW, XT and the like ... any small street legal small bike). The Rendezvous is pleasant rally with minimal frills, but the CASA volunteers keep us fed and there's generally live music on Saturday evening. Camping is pleasant up on the mountain, but beware the park is on an exposed peak when storms pass through.

Although the primary ride is Saturday, I should be able to arrive earlier should us TW'ers (and other small trail bikers) want to enjoy a Friday ride searching out some unpaved roads in the nearby Ouachita National Forest. I have general idea for a couple loops already in mind, either all-day or afternoon only.

Information & Registration for the Rendezvous is here:

And an ongoing discussion of the rally is here: Rendezvous Time!!! Rich Mountain Rendezvous - Sept. 14-17, 2017 - TWT Forums
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