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The USA has Ride On tire sealant, main feature being water based opposed to other sealants that are solvent based and make a mess, so you can't patch a tear, and get charged an excess at tyre/tube change in a store.

I found a local importer of Ride On, but it was fairly pricey. I was a believer and considered investing in a drum to on-sell as a service to cover the costs so fellow riders could get it cheaply as well. Somewhere in the months since then I forgot about it.

Planning to do a lot more riding again, and feeling vulnerable on new 3 wheeler with 3 different wheel tracks to pick up a puncture, I went looking for radial puncture repair tools.

I stumbled across True Blue Puncture Goo and was told by the lawn mower stockist it is water based so I can wash off the puncture area and use a patch. The toxicology says wash with soap and water, here's the MSDS:

So I've ordered 7 x 500mL bottles (good price + saving on freight).

I've got an unused bicycle tyre with a flat so I'll test it out with a little bit on that first without patching it, then use it in my active bicycle and see how it lasts.

I figure in tandem with the plug kits for radials and patches for tubes it will be a handy bottle with each bicycle/bike/car.

Once it arrives I'll post up pics/review of the bicycle tube test.

The ride on lawn mower guys use it for the constant thorns they get, so I don't think I'll be disappointed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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