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I just got a new camcorder the other day since my ancient 8mm handycam was just not really doing it anymore, so I picked up a digital camcorder that's about the size and shape of a cell phone. I have a RAM mount for my GPS, and tapped a 1/4" 20 hole in part of the mount so I can interchangeably mount the GPS or the camera on the handlebars, and took it on a ride about town. When I got home and reviewed the video I noticed a considerable wobble to the image due to engine vibration, so I tried wrapping a bit of neoprene between the handle bars and the clamp, setting it to 60fps and it's definitely better, but still noticeable.

So I guess my question is what are people using to mount video cameras? Is there a commercially available mount that manages to dampen engine vibration reasonably well?
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