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Right on Ride-on!

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So I went ahead and put Ride-on tire balancer and sealant in my TW tires today. Another outstanding recommendation (from a number of members) that I wish I'd done a long time ago!

I did like the bottle said, putting 125% of the amount their formula said into each tire because hey, if the TW isn't a heavy-duty application then I don't know what is!

From my measurements that amounted to something like 8.75oz in the front tube and 11.25oz in the rear.

I took the TW for about a 15 mile ride down the backroads to try out the Ride-on afterwards, and my first impression was near astonishment. I'm not sure if even the stock front tire was ever really balanced, and it seems the wobbly street handling of the 5.10 Shinko 244 was something that I had mistakenly blamed on the tire itself. After putting in the Ride-on, the 244 rides smoother than the stocker ever did.

I'm not quite enough of a believer to take a power drill to the tire like they do in the demo video, but I am looking forward to a little less anxiety about riding around all of these spiny desert plants out here.

It takes three of the small (~$15) bottles to do the TW's tires, so it's not super cheap, but if the improvement in ride and handling I've experienced is typical then I'd say it's well worth it.

Just thought I'd share my initial results.
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Good for you! I have never looked back and put this stuff in all my bike tires. Cheap insurance...
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