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Road trip gearing

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I may be riding the 07 TW to the Blue Ridge Parkway from indiana and riding the whole thing then back home sometime in October with a friend on a klr. Im guessing around 1500+ miles. Just curious what other experience with 15/47 gearing is? Im a 150lbs and this will be a road only trip "well maybe some gravel" but no real offroading. Im thinking the uphills would be ok in 4th at 55-60. Im running 14/47 now but i do alot of trail riding around here and it will still pull 73-75 mph wide open. I would be changing the gearing once i get back home. Thoughts? Smart arse comments are welcome too!
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My wife and I run the 14/47 combo...... We road it out west in and around the bad lands. You could tell even with that combo the dub didn't like some of those hills... Then we rode from sundance wyo. to the devils tower on some long up hills... I don't think a 15/47 would like that much without lots of 4th gear riding. OMM.
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