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Rocky Mountain trail riding

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I recently got a T-dub about a month ago
Woo Hoo!

I've been tootling around on it and having a blast.

We went camping Labor day weekend up near Georgia pass which is between Fraiser and Breckenridge Co. Anyways climbing some of those hills was a bit of a struggle
climbing over boulders and sharp rocks was a bit nerve wracking but I did make it to the top and my poor T-dub earned a spot on the lift for her victory dance. My delema is that I don't know if it is my inexperience with this bike or the bike tires, I bounce like I'm on a big red bouncing ball (like the ones with handles some folks had when they were a kid) when I start to get thrown there is no getting her back, I must of fell 1/2 dozen times climbing up the mountain and a couple of times coming down. I feel like the bike is riding on top of the terrain and not digging in.

We went again this weekend and did a bit better, I hit the ultimate biker mogels and was having a blast, I hit one came up, then down, then I really don't know what happen next but everyone behind me said the tire just bounced like a balloon and you were down and slid over 10 ft
, I'm still limping and the poor poor T-dub took a terrible beating although I broke her fall when I let her land on my body...
that is the pain I am feeling all over at this moment.

Anyways is the T-dub not made for this terrain, I can see that she would be a blast in the sand and some great fire roads etc. but the rocky terrain here in Colorado..I don't know, did I mess up and get me the wrong bike? which now needs some TLC just on the front accessory stuff she landed on that first before landing on me.

Ok sorry to ramble, I'm just confused. I suppose I can get alot of info here on the site, so your input is well needed for this new T-dub owner.
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Suspect lots of folks will get involved. Retmotor asked some great questions.

" I hit the ultimate biker mogels and was having a blast"

Here is a quote from your post. Perhaps "ultimate biker mogels" was just a figure of speech, but I feel inclined to share with you my opinion. The TW is far from the "ultimate" mogel bike. Without question, opinions will differ, though likely they will point you in pretty much the same direction; the TW is a competent trail bike, much beyond that can lead to frustration.

To truly (my opinion) enjoy the bike, you may need to drop down a couple of notches on your expectations. If that is a significant upset, consider selling the rig for 'good' money and buying more of an 'Enduro' or 'Moto-cross' rig. The alternative may be that you trash the TW and as well continue to be be frustrated. Again, just an opinion. Gerry
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I have also had good luck with the tire pressures mentioned by Retmotor. Boy girl if your adventure included sections like those shown on the Rubicon videos, geezzz
. That stuff is kinda to scary for me. Have fun, stay safe and think about loosing that front tire, but in that really rocky stuff it may not be the liability that I found it to be in loose dirt. Gerry
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