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Rode down to the Escatawpa River

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Went for a ride this morning. About 35min from my house. Mostly paved country roads until about 10 miles from the river.

Some pics....

Ran into some quicksand riding close to the river. Kept the throttle in it, and attempted to hop off, but sank half way up my boots. So got back on the bike pushed from the saddle and it make it out. front and read wheels werepass the axles. After i got free you could not even tell i had rode through that area. No trace of my tracks....... but made it home safely and learned a lesson....
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Ran into some quicksand

The color of the water in your 3rd picture reminds me of the color of the water in the TV show Ax Men where the S & S boy's do the water logging . I've never seen quicksand, other than in the movies and TV shows. And if avoiding snakes, spiders, panthers, bears, and wild hogs etc. weren't enough to worry about!
Looked like a fun ride, and way warmer than here! Thanks for sharing.
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