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I figure I should make a thread specific on a brand of riding apparel that i use regularly. Check out RS Taichi. Japanese brand (manufactured in China), good styling, variety of mesh, textile and leather (regular cowhide or Japanese cow(bred specifically for leather jackets). Still a little pricey but when compared to italian brands, they are a bargain. I've had my non goretex Langley all season textile model for a year now and had a lowside and the jacket is still in good condition and waterproof (considering how lightweight the jacket feels without the armor-I'm amazed).

RS Taichi Langley All Season Jacket RSJ296 Black/Neon Yellow from

Racer - I prefer the grey/red combo
RS Taichi Racer Textile Jacket RSJ287 Silver/Black from

RS Taichi Apparel-Leather Jackets from

other RS Taichi gear including sport style boots with Vibram sole, goretex gloves under $100 (I have a pair and it's high quality), wicking shirts, waterproof backpacks ($60 and comes in many colors, I have a Firstgear Torrent which is similar), etc.
RS Taichi Apparel-Textile Jackets from

Videos for some of the jackets and pants are available on the product pages and youtube

None of the jackets are gore-tex but I'm fine with that. I'd rather buy many jackets just to have more colors in the wardrobe :cool:
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