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A long time ago an old timer told me to safety wire the spring clip thing on the master link. I have never done it figuring the clip on a non o-ring chain just passively sits there.

The other day as I but the o-ring master link together I realized the o-rings are compressed and the spring clip is under pressure holding the side plate in place. The words from the past came echoing back and I took one of those tie wraps wires, like on a loaf of bread, and cut the plastic off and put the wire on the master link. On an o-ring chain there is plenty of room for the wire.

Is this really needed and does it do any good? I don't know but I figure it can't do any harm. And I will use my non o-ring master link to remove the chain for maintenance (see Hybrid Chain) so I won't have to safety wire the master link again.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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