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They don't cost that much but I like quick and easy instead of pulling the swing arm. I'm lazy that way. Mileage wise I have nearly 50,000 miles on my bike with 2 of them. My wife likes to 3D print so why not take advantage of her hobby to help me out. I did have the chain slider actually break one time and jam up my chain. I was stopping when it happened so it was only a little skid on the back tire. If I make a really quick easy alternative/ chain slider I will change it more often which would be a good thing. I didn't like how the first oem chain slider crumbled. Maybe newer ones are better materials but I don't know. We came up with, she will print me one off the file NorthernSpy sent me. I will mod the new one for a quick install and give her my old one. I will draw up the mods I want to do and she'll have to update the file for the mods. Then she can print me out the new seal guard / chain slider and I can try it out. I can update my progress as we go. My wife is now building up another 3D printer so she's ready to try it out after completion of her build.
What a girl!
1 - 6 of 30 Posts