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Many of you know I run the TW-200 yahoo group ....I was able to get a special deal for our group members and they told me it was fine to share with other TW200 groups I'm a part of so check this out:

Last year I purchased a sealed TW-200 battery from Wholesale Batteries Direct. Love it! Great product, great price. I'll never buy a conventional battery again.

They have the sealed batteries ($48.95) and conventional batteries ($35.95) that fit all years of TW-200s. Shipping is about $7.

I asked them for a discount for my TW riding friends, and they have given us a coupon for an extra 10% off. It only works on the TW200 batteries.

TW200CLUB is the coupon (voucher) code.

They tell me "Have them add either or both of the TW200 batteries to the cart. Click on the Cart where they will see the Voucher box and enter the code there. As soon as it is applied, the total will reflect the savings."

Here is the link to the TW-200 batteries:


I know we all have to buy batteries for our TWs about every 3-4 years, so hopefully quite a few of you will benefit from this.

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