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Seat Pad difference between older/newer TW200?

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Two part question here. I sat on a new 2012 TW200 at a local dealer and thought maybe the seat felt softer (or it could very well have been my imagination!). Does anyone know if Yamaha has changed its seats or the foam used from older to newer models? I have a 2000 TW200 and was wondering if their newest OEM seat would fit on my bike? Also, if it would fit, do you think the seat cover on my 2000 would fit over the new one? My seat cover (blue) is in perfect condition and don't necessarily need to replace it with a black one.

I looked on a few Yamaha parts sites and part numbers are different for the different years, but not sure if the size changed in any way.

Mucho thanks.
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My 04 is softer than my 01, but they do interchange.
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