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Seat/seat cover

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Hey people,

So, I have a 1998 TW200 with a blue seat. There is a small rip on the side where it was dumped (not by me of course). It's covered by my leg while riding but I feel like its all I see when I look at the bike. It's like a zit, nobody else notices it but you...I was wondering if anybody would be willing to sell their seat or seat cover? If so, more for the seat cover itself, be able to give me some insight on the easiest way to install. Please email [email protected]
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If it bothers you that much they sell them on ebay. $20 or $30 I think. Just search tw200 seat cover. It's fairly simple to install if you have a staple gun and a lot of time. Lots of video's on Youtube.

If it were me (and it's not), I would sew it. The stock covers are pretty soft and I would think it quicker and easier to use the needle and thread than rip off the seat cover and restaple a new one on. Plus it's a dual sport. Blemishes are part of the bike!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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