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Sell or trade Ignition, Gas Cap, Helmet lock and key

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I bought these on ebay and they don't fit my bike... the gas cap is too small and the ignition hook ups are all wrong.... So I thought I'd see if anyone here needs these parts

I just want my money back... I spent $45 + S/H

Will do an even trade for the gas Cap, ignition, helmet lock and key from an 87-99

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Wanted to add that they are off of a working 2006 Model... I think they'll fit anything 2001 and up
If you can't sell them all as a set, I could use that helmet lock. It looks like it would fit my Virago. Of course, then we'd have a key issue.


Thanks Dan, I'll keep it in mind
It should fit in a flat rate envelope through priority mail $5 .... Wait of course it will that's what I got it in

If you want to check around I can ship it through whoever you want.... My zip is 53719

FedEx and ups looked like $13

I'm pretty confident they will fit your 02... Maybe somebody here can chime in to confirm?
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PM'd you back
wanted to make sure I said thanks to Peruano for his input

I just sent it off today Papa Wheelie, hope you can put these parts to good use!
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1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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