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I pulled this from the other forum, figured this fellow might have a better chance here. I will link and repost there is needed. Thanks, Gerry

Help! I'm on a 2000 T-Dub in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I ordered new cables from the States via i-net, using the parts catalog for the year an model. The clutch cable was fine, but the throttle cable was approximately 2" too short. I don't think there have been any mods to the bike, such as different handlebars installed. The parts supplier will replace the short cable with the proper one, but they need the serial number of the bike.

There are two serial numbers, both different. One is on the down-post of the handlebar and is the frame number. The other is on the engine. They are both 7-digit numbers. My research has led me to believe that the bike was manufactured in Japan for the domestic market there, and the numbering system is different than the protracted VIN we have in the States.

I'm wondering, does anybody have a clue how I can decipher the numbers to indicate exactly what I have and subsequently enable me to be able to order proper parts? Thanks!
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