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Shipping a dirtbike motor

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I dont have the slightest idea on where to start to ship a dirtbike motor...ANy ideas? Do i have to crate ot up or can i ship it in a milk crate thats wrapped in plastic?
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I shipped a DR650 engine from Texas to Alaska in one of the small but strong plastic storage tubs from Lowe's.

Drained the oil and stuffed in crumpled paper to cushion and contain any stray oil and duct taped the lid on very well by wrapping the tape around the tub.

I think it took the whole roll of tape but there was no way it was coming out or leaking!

For shipping rates I went online and searched "Freight Forwarders" for the best rates.

I also checked UPS & FedEx but they were by far the highest as expected.

The DR engine boxed up was 128 Lbs.

Shipping to Alaska is horrendous so the best rate I got was still $228.

That was less than HALF what UPS & FedEx slowest service ground rates were.

The next lowest rate was $300 and the highest came in at over $700!

If it is under the USPS max weight (75 Lbs I think) that may be the cheapest way.

Depending on where you are shipping too of course, UPS ground might be cheap.

Shipping International? You better sit down before getting the rates.

Hope this helps
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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