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short circut

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my son hit my tail light while it was on, now my electrical system is dead. ???? the lights got dim and then died. i havent been able to check it yet, hope it is a fuse designed to protect the electrical system, any help on this will be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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671tdub, I had the same issue with mine a while back. It turned out to be the brake switch inside the front brake lever perch. I couldn't see that it was broken but it was shorting out inside the perch. Everytime I used either brake it would blow the fuse.

My temporary fix was to just pull the broken switch out of the brake lever perch and wrap it with electrical tape so it couldn't ground out. I have since gotten a new switch.

Not sure if you have the same problem, just a good thing to check.
Did you find the source of your short circuit yet?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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