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short circut

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my son hit my tail light while it was on, now my electrical system is dead. ???? the lights got dim and then died. i havent been able to check it yet, hope it is a fuse designed to protect the electrical system, any help on this will be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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changed the fuse was ok then blew again when i was adjusting rear brake switch. changed fuse again and turned back switch to previous setting, was ok..... then tried again later fuse blew again....?????????
thank guys, i only noticed it happening on the rear brake. ill check the wires from tailight. not busted, bulb not burnout, just fuse blowing, lights were on and my son (four years old playing around) started hitting the tail light so i thought it was just bulb but was not bulb. wondering if it could be switch being pulled to much or to far being over extended causing it to short ???
i black taped the nipple down or in and tried the back brake lever and the fuse blew again. it blows with either brake lever activation. only start happening since my son hit the brake light while on.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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