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Short ride Sat. with a Newbe

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So my friend Peter got his TW late last summer and got his endorsement this summer. Schedules had him not being able to go on my birthday ride with my son and I.
We were able to get out for a few hours this Sat.
Found a couple nice lakes that I had never been to. Got home and downloaded the gps tracks and wow. Found some great loops to ride next time we are up there. Here are a few pics I took.

Had a great time and great weather.

If any of you other local guys want to ride let me know and I will post when we have a plan. This was a 9am meetup in Arlington, then about 15mi ride up hwy 530 to the dirt.
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Oh one more thing for you goldenhtr, what gearing are you running for these rides? I am running 14/47 on my TW right now due to my need for some road riding. works out pretty good. It will cruise around 45-50 but she is spinnin pretty fast.....not crazy fast though. it will pull up to 55 or 60 if need be but I dont like revving her so high for very long..

14/52 Just right for the forest roads. While I'm riding in 3-4 my son with stock 14/50 is running 2-3. Much prefer my 14/52. No issues on the pavement,50-60 no problem.
Rode 60 miles of singletrack at Lake Wenatchee ORV on ASunday. We crossed over to the Entiat side and went up to Devils back bone. So fun up there. I was on my WR. I saw several hunters with thier TW's though. I want to ride up there on mine one day.

Just rode over there this last Aug.

Devils backbone is not a easy trail. We accessed it from the Slide Ridge side.

Download garmin basecamp and I will send you our tracks.
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Am I being a worry wart over this?

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