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Shout out for Eastern Beaver

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Well, it took a very long time for the items to arrive (almost 4 weeks from the order date), but I finally rec'd my order from Eastern Beaver on Friday. A "Three Circuit Solution", which adds 3 switched / fused circuits (I chose to order one circuit unswitched, i.e., always hot even with the key out of the bike), and a dual horn relay for my fiamm highway blaster horns which plugged right into my new fuse harness. The install took a full three hours to lay it all out and decide on the best way to route everything, and of course the seat and tank and panels had to come off. I wish now that I had taken pics of the install, but if anyone has any questions I'll be happy to take pics. It was a tight fit but it looks good and secure. Still need to make a new bracket to get the horns right where I want them, but that's a project for later, probably when I install a powerlet.

Horns are loud, and had one chance to use them today on a 110 mile road trip out to Lancaster and back. Definitely startled an inattentive driver right back into the moment.

The other thing that tickled me today... I had the bike up to an indicated 80 mph on the turnpike. The tuneup a couple weeks ago made a huge difference in how this bike runs. It honestly felt better at speed, in terms of stability, than a 2007 BMW GS650 XCountry I test drove over the weekend. THAT bike geometry is wiggly waggly and a tank slapper waiting to happen.

Thanks to the folks who have kindly answered my questions over the past several weeks - slowly getting my TW just the way I want her. Next up... power outlet for my phone charger, and probably the rear cyclerack. Can't seem to talk myself out of it...
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If you were going 80 mph did you survive the ride off a cliff?

"...indicated" 80 mph. Whatever that translates to in terms of true speed, probably 75-ish? What that means, if I may educate you, is that the speedometer on these bikes is optimistic by up to several mph. Quite a few, if not most...nay, if not ALL vehicles sold in the USA suffer from this malady. Reading comprehension is your friend! Wasn't even going downhill - sustained speed for a mile or so.
I got his bigger fuse box, the Power Center 8 with the relay kit, and it fit nicely in my headlight bucket:

It has worked well and been very handy so far.

That's a great setup - the headlight bucket never even occurred to me. I considered the larger fuse panel, but went with the 3-fuse option due to cost and honestly I was wary of maxing out the bike's capacity. As it is, I want to go with LED lighting to lighten the load so I can install heated grips and/or possibly a heated vest down the road. My remaining two circuits are slated for a marine cigarette socket for gadgets and a powerlet for heated gear.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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