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It's freaking hot down here in the Valley. Up in the neighborhood of 100 degrees. So let's head for the hills and cool off. It's only in the low 90's there 11doh.gif D'oh

So we pick Smith's Ferry, Idaho to do some snooping around. We have an ulterior motive for riding here but it's a secret.

Base Camp was Smith's Ferry, ID. Day 1 Highlights: rode east to the Middle Fork Payette River, 605 M/C-ATV only Trail (former logging rd.), thru north to Cascade Lake/Cabarton rd. Day 2: Packer John Mtn. & Lookout, and short highway ride over Rainbow Bridge just north of Smith's Ferry.

Base Camp

Wellington has the finest facilities

Here's an old wagon train departing the ferry. I think littletommy is driving the second wagon. Not sure though.

Use to have a railroad depot but it's gone now.

The Cougar Mountain Lodge is still here though.

Modern times

Over the river (N. Fork Payette River) and through the woods (and East Mountain) to the M. Fork Payette River we go.

Cool cool water.
We have lunch down by the river...and the shade of the bridge. It was so hot we soaked our t-shirts in the cold river and put them on to cool us off when we were eating and later riding.

After lunch, we ride Trial 605 which is an old logging road. It's only for M/C's and ATV's. We didn't see anyone else on the trail.

Had to be careful

Though some spots were really easy and nice like the old logging road it once was

But, big but, there were plenty of places with face slapping overgrowth

Gotta watch out for the North American Logging Road Alligators too! Hey, you never know right?

What is that??? Clouds are looking kinda dark over yonder. We decide that if it does rain it would be a relief from this heat.

After just a few short minutes, the trail ride is over. My sense of time may be off as I believe I remember Mrs. Admiral murmuring something about 10 minutes uphill and an hour downhill or something like that.

The trail ended on the Middle Fork road at the confluence of Silver Creek and Middle Fork Payette River

Mrs. Admiral re-soaked our shirts here in Silver Creek (looking upstream)

Picture of the confluence. Lots of people were camping here too

It's only 6:30p.m. and it's still daylight so we twist the throttles and head over the hills and through the woods...and through Round Valley

This is the old Round Valley School with a special student

I think this photo was taken in the early 1900's and it looked like it had already seen it's better days

After riding up to the south end of Cascade Lake we turned around and headed back to camp as the shadows were really getting long

to be continued

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Day 2, the short and not as hot day.

We ride up to Packer John Lookout. The lookout was burned on purpose when it was abandoned. Dummies!

You can see over there from here. Our camp is near the river seen in the center of the picture. That's where Smith's Ferry is, looking north.

South view. We did more riding up here on and around the mountain before heading back to camp

I'm guessing the initials and date of the guy who helped build this lookout

We had a great weekend of riding

...and I found another use for the hammer. It's the Chain-oiling-jack-hammer! Jack.gif

That's all for this weekend. Gonna have another good ride coming up this weekend (ish). See ya on the flip side.

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Great pics Kris!! It looks beautiful there!! :D
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