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Snapshot by Progressive

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Hello fellow TWers... Just wanted to give you a heads-up the Snapshot program that Progressive Insurance is running is for REAL!

My wife and I switched over to Progressive 3 months ago, we went from paying $258 a month for full coverage on 2 cars with our old company to paying $146 with Progressive. We then enrolled in their Snapshot program and qualified for 30% off our rates... down to $103 a month for 2 cars with full coverage.

The money we are saving in gas by me using my bike as a 'commuter' and insurance savings is paying off the note on my brand new 2012 TW 100% and actually enabling us to bank the leftovers.

Let the good times roll!
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DonBenito: I've only rode dirt in the past and have never had to insure. I am insuring the TW. I am paying higher than you. ($285) Not sure I need ALL the coverage but my agent and wife talked me in to it. Here in Florida MANY people drive uninsured
So I went with my agent's advice and have plenty of coverage. Going to monitor it and may adjust it down the road...
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Phantom: Wow, that was long winded and very very wrong. Snapshot DOES NOT take pictures, LOL. They simply monitor the time of day you drive, distance and amount of hard breaks... THATS IT! If you aint got nothing to hide, why not do it? I was awarded 30% off my policy because both my wife and I are awesome drivers. You keep being paranoid, let me keep saving my $
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Phantom: I repeat they DO NOT take actual pictures of you!!!! It is simply the name of their program. LMAO
Phantom, I agree it is a lil freaky having 'big brother' watch us but that is the society we have evolved into. The device offered to me was only put in my vehicles temporarily, then I removed it. It is just a basis for Progressive to go by to qualify a driver to save up to 30%.
Phantom, Perhaps look at it in a different perspective... (due to the fact our 'big brother' effect is here and it is not going away) Why not have modern technology work in your favor? Why not save money on your annual insurance premiums? They way I see it is: It is a brilliant marketing tool Progressive came up with. It gives drivers an incentive to switch their insurance provider and save additionally by enrolling in their Snapshot program of which is totally voluntarily. As I stated in my intial post. I have dropped from $258 a month to $103 a month for identical coverage. I feel Progressive will force other companies to come up with a type of savings incentive or at the very least adjust their premiums to compete with Progressive. So you see, in a roundabout way 'big brother' technology will some day filter down to you and you too will be saving money. Unless of course you stay with an insurance provider that over charges for their coverage. Last but not least... as I have also stated, with the money I am saving in insurance cost and using less gasoline overall by using my bike as a 'commuter'. I virtually have received my 2012 TW for free! My savings are paying it off in full with some leftover... That is a win win situation for me.
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''Smile you are on candid camera!'' LOL
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