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Snow chains for rear wheel

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I picked a set of chains up for the rear wheel today from Oreilly's. They are Laclede part number 1122. They come in a pair and I only need one, so I thought someone else out there might want this. The fitment is very good, but I highly recommend using twine, rope, bungee cord, anything to tension the chain when chaining anything up! The chain is still in it's bag and box, I only removed the one I need. I will include the box if you want. This available for local pickup in Golden, CO (west of Denver) or shipping wherever at a small fee. I paid $40 for the pair, used half, so I will let the chain go for $15 since the TW community is cool

Again, this is for one snow chain (link type) to fit the rear wheel (all years I believe with factory tire) in brand new condition for $15 + shipping if needed.


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I would like to see a picture with it all chained up. And even more, would like to hear a quick report. Thanks, Lonesome Dave

It's bare outside right now. I can show you some pictures of it chained up though if I get out tonight!
Here is the thread that motivated me. LOTS of positive reports!
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I ventured outside.
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