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Hate to sell this but just don't see that I have enough time to ride this along with my other 4 vehicles and other stuff I am involved in.

It's my third one, last year had new sprockets and o-ring chain installed by dealer. Also have rack on rear. (Tank bag not included). Serviced by dealer since new... having had a 3 year extended warranty.

Just remembered I also have some rear rack luggage (River Road) and a rotopax 1 Gal. fuel can with brackets that I won't use if I have no TW as well as a Stearns seat cover/pad ... another $50 will get you all of those, or might consider selling separately. Older (blue) Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle TW with those on it.

Located near Princess Anne, MD on eastern shore of Maryland. You can email me at [email protected]

Asking $2750 Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Supermoto
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