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This helmet is essential new but it isn't. TLDR below. I had an issue with an Arai helmet and they could not give me a direct replacement for the model. So I said sure, ill take an RX-Q when it was offered. I was pretty sure it would fit. They sent me a floor model but had replaced all the internal pads and the comfort liner. It has about two short rides since it has been mine. Sadly, there really isn't an Arai helmet that fits me so I am selling this one.

TLDR: Floor model with all new internals and shield.

There are a couple of blemishes in the clear, but I couldn't get them to show up on camera and they are difficult unless you look at just the right angle. The only visible blemish of note is on the rubber coating around the bottom edge of the chin bar.

Price is 350. Goes for 650 new. Shipping is on the buyer from 12601. I can take paypal, shoot me a message on here and I should respond pretty quick.

You can almost see the scuff on the rubber chin bar area here. I couldn't quite get it to show up.

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