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Some questions about a 2007

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I bought my tw about a 6 weeks ago now. It's a 2007 and had 533 miles on it. I had never stepped foot onto a motorcycle before.

It was running terribly when I got it. I came on here and started researching what to do which has been amazing. I put in a new spark plug, new oil, new oil filter, new fuel w/ seafoam since it sat (2007 with 533 miles). Cleaned the jets out and the entire carb and got it working decent. Have had to replace a few small parts, gaskets and am getting much more aquatinted with the bike.

Some questions...

1) My rear turn signal relay somehow came undone and was sitting against my exhaust for a time while I was riding. I looked down and noticed it partly melted, but not sure the damage. I secured it and sealed it back up. My question - Are the rear lights supposed to be on all the time like the fronts are in 2007? The blinkers work fine, but I noticed the rear lights do not continually run. I read on a post from a few days ago (1996 bike) that the rears do not stay on, but only come on when the turn signal buttons are hit. I was wondering if that was the same for a 2007. I'd assume so.

2) My left passenger (rear) peg lower/bottom bolt and special washer are missing. What is the point of that special washer? It's $18. The top one does not have it. Is it necessary?

3) My left mirror moves too far forward, like the piece it screws into is stripped out. I currently have a washer in the mix to bring it to the correct position. Any better ideas?

4) My carb is leaking out the bottom of the bowl drain. Tonight I pulled the float and the gasket is toast. The dealer only sells the whole needle valve assembly. Any idea on where to just get the gasket?

5) It's very hard to start in the winter. 15-30 degrees F. I have to pull the choke all the way out for about 45 seconds, then drop it to the middle position for about 20 seconds then can let it back in and ride away. Is this normal? I have been going through the carb completely. The only thing I noticed tonight which I am unsure would affect this issue is that my pilot jet screw was only out about 1 turn. I've read it should be out 2.5 turns. Also, would you recommend taking the pilot jet screw completely out and cleaning it for any reason?

I think that is about it for now. Thanks for any input!
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1. yup the front blinkers are 3-wire and include running lights...the rear blinkers are 2 wire and don't have running lights

2. take the washer off your other peg and swing by the hardware store to find one if you want another

3. i had the same problem with my lever perch being stripped and instead of getting a new lever perch i just got new ebay mirrors that i clamped to the handlebars which i like much better than the stockers due to their location being a little more crash resistant as well as not having to move my arms to see traffic behind me (see photos in my signature thread below)

4. looks like they only sell that o-ring with the needle valve assembly...i would pull it out and take it to a hardware store and see if you can get a o-ring kit or match it to one...probably be cheaper

5. i agree with Rainman if it starts i wouldn't mess with the pilot screw...if it struggles a bit you can mess with your idle screw a bit to make it idle a little higher in cold weather then you may just be able to go from full choke to no choke...starting mine in the colder weather i usually have it full choke for a while then just push it all the way in but i have the older style carb as well
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