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Speedometer cable lubrification?

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Hello, I was wondering if some one could can help me with how to disconnect the speedo cable from the speedometer so I can lubricate it. I both a 2009 with 500 miles on it ( almost new ). And while doing the maintenance on the the front wheel I disconnected the speedo cable at the wheel and there was a little bit of rusty water, so I wanted to lubricate it from the top.

Removed the small clips on the bottom of the speedometer,had the speedometer in my hand, removed the two small screws that seem to keep the inside mechanics connected to the casing and that's it. Is the rear cover clipped or clued?( did not want to force anything).

Thanks in advance

Also is a lubricant like CABLE LIFE good for the speedo cable? And is a normal lithium grease good for the bottom part of the speedo mechanism ( wheel hub ).
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Lithium grease on the speedo drive. 10W-30 motor oil for the cables. Wheel bearing grease for the wheel bearings.

Tdub's speedo cable has a knurled nut on both ends. Unscrews with pliars. Looking at the parts diagram at, the 2010s are the same. Looks mlike both years use the same cable.
Thanks, I looked it up on the fiche and realize that I just had to remove the rubber boot to uncover the nut. Felt kind of stupid (beginners mistake) but HA, live an learn.

Thanks qwerty for the lube tips
Best way to lube a neglected cable is clean it first. Remove from the bike and hang straight. Make a funnel on one end with oil-proof tape. Fill the funnel with penetrating oil. Twist wire at bottom of cable while pushing in and out. Keep the penetrant flowing until all crud is gone and clean penetrant flows out the bottom of the cable. Allow cable to drip dry. Oil with motor oil until oil drips out bottom of cable. Let drip dry. Reinstall. This all might take a week or more, but I've saved some cables that were not available this way. I've had good success with Kroil, Seafoam Deep Creep, and PB Blaster, not so good with CRC or WD-40. SeaFoam seems to work best, even freeing some cables that were frozen and would not turn at all.
I just cleaned and lubed my 03 speedo cable. I removed the lower knurled nut at the wheel. Removed the inner drive cable, cleand it with JB Blaster oil, dried it and lubed it with mineral oil.
I've been convinced by a high-mile rider to go to straight 30W motor oil to lube cables. Better lubrication than utility oils.
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