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Starting work on the '94

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I just ordered a bunch of O-rings, oil filter and related. This means a removal of the oil filter housing. It has 2 Phillips and 1 Allen in it now. It makes me think it will take some patience to not snap something.

While the bike only has 2,250 miles on it, I need to change the chain due to a lot more rust on it than I'd like to see. I haven't counted the teeth on the sprockets yet but would like to start off on the right foot with the O-ring chain and sprockets when I figure the tooth count. As both of these repairs require screw removal I was wondering if anyone has taken the time to change them to Allen head? TIA, Gary
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Milk-of Magnesia?

To help prevent the Stainless Steel Bolts from seizing into the Aluminum Bike Parts. Dissimilar Metals, they will corrode!!!
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