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Starting work on the '94

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I just ordered a bunch of O-rings, oil filter and related. This means a removal of the oil filter housing. It has 2 Phillips and 1 Allen in it now. It makes me think it will take some patience to not snap something.

While the bike only has 2,250 miles on it, I need to change the chain due to a lot more rust on it than I'd like to see. I haven't counted the teeth on the sprockets yet but would like to start off on the right foot with the O-ring chain and sprockets when I figure the tooth count. As both of these repairs require screw removal I was wondering if anyone has taken the time to change them to Allen head? TIA, Gary
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Those are not phillips, they are "Japanese Industry Standard". Be very careful or they will strip too.

Now would be a good time to shop your local hardware store and change over to all Allen heads.
I have the Impact Driver all warmed up!

I recommend that you get a kit to replace the screws. You'll end up stripping the heads and you'll start cursing the bike. Like srs713 said, they are not phillips, rather JIS screws which strip easily when removed with a standard phillips screw driver.

I bought a kit from alloyboltz via ebay. It was under 30 bucks and everything fit great. Now when I have to remove my side cases, all I need is a 5mm allen head driver. It was worth the money to me big time.

Try this link.

I went to the hardware store before I bought my kit and priced out individual bolts for the engine cases. I couldn't find the longer bolts that hold on the starter motor. If I bought individual bolts, the cost was over 50 bucks.

The kit was under 30 bucks. You can order from them here.

There are other brands, so you can shop around. Make sure you use anti-sieze because of the stainless vs. aluminum.
Great, thanks. That was the sort of info I was looking for. I tried a search but haven't got the hang of the key-words here. On the V-Bulletin sites this sort of info can be "tagged" and entered into the "tag" cloud-doesn't seem to be an option on the forum. +1 on the anti-sieze, dissimilar metals really like to become one. I already started with the PB Blaster.
Stainless allen heads and milk-of-magnesia. Changed the carb float bowl and slide screws, too, as well as those on the handlebar controls. Tdub has allen heads or hex heads everywhere possible.
Milk-of Magnesia? Anyway, parts are in, oil filter looks right. Ordered a case cover gasket, going to go with 14/47 gears and it looks like a DID O-ring change. I'll do it all at once.
To help prevent the Stainless Steel Bolts from seizing into the Aluminum Bike Parts. Dissimilar Metals, they will corrode!!!
Hmmm, It's nice to stock a product that will serve a dual purpose.
I generally use this-

Permatex never-seize

I don't think it's dual purpose though.
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