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I'm doing this from memory so I'm sure someone will jump in and correct any errors.

It looks like a clean bike and does have the electric & kick start combo

It uses a different type of carburetor then the newer models. good or bad i dunno

It also has the pre upgrade wimpy charging system and oem headlight bulb is of a lower wattage. You might add a 12v plug to charge a cell phone but that's about it.

I believe people have had problems with aftermarket pipes lining up with a mounting bolt.

Yamaha no longer makes factory brake pads for the front drum (aftermarket ones are still around).

And I think some part of the cdi or pulser coil is a real pain to find.

It should have front fork drain screws while the newer models do not

If I was on a budget and it purred like a kitten I would not let those issues stop me. Any good running TW is better then no Tw.

Some things to look for

Check the back tire for sidewall cracks and ask them how old it is. If it's the original tire..... Wait I hear Qwerty somewhere "If that back tire is original, throw it away"

Inspect the chain and sprockets for wear.

Look for cracked wire insulation where the wire loom twists in front of the fuel tank around the frame neck.

See if they have done a compression test.

And check the tank for excessive rust.

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Looks clean, but faded. Price isn't out of line for the year. Sounds negotiable.

Aftermarket rear rack is worth a few bucks.

Old style carb not an issue. It's actually a bonus, to some.

Kickstart is not a luxury. Neither are things like decent frame welds, fork drains and a bunch of other stuff that have dissappeared over the years.

Drum brake is every bit as effective as the disc.

Charging/lighting system is adequate. Late model charging system is adequate-er.

You can buy a bunch of stuff with the leftover 3-4 grand.
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