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So now that I am nearly complete with my TW, I wanted to offer the spare parts to you guys before I send them to ebay/craiglist. All parts are from a 2002, and are mostly stock.

Speedo/Indicators(without metal mounting bracket, Speedo is @~1,800 miles) EDIT - 8/17/2016 - SOLD
Front Signals(without metal mounting bracket) ($30)
Rear Turn Signals ($30) ($50 for both front and rear)
Headlamp (without metal mounting bracket) ($50)
EDIT - 8/17/2016 - I also have the passenger foot pegs and mounts for sale. Forgot to add those....
All of the above are in great condition, only the most minor abrasions on the signals.

I also have each of the plastic fairings, they are painted over with a matte black so severely reduced price for forum members, but if someone just needs the plastics for a build and plan to paint them anyways these will be perfect. $100 for all the fairings. I can sell them individually as well.
PM me if anyone has been looking for these parts and we can work out a price and shipping. I'm not looking to make money on the parts really. Just don't want them sitting around the garage when someone else could be putting
them to use. I'll hold on to them for a month or so before placing them on other sites. Thanks for looking!
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