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For Sale: Stock 2014 Parts Removed During Upgrades (lot)

Im in the process of cleaning out my garage and have several factory parts that were carefully removed during upgrades of my bike. These parts are all of a 2014 TW and have less than 1000 miles on them. All are in good to excellent condition and function perfectly. I would like to get $100 for the lot, shipped to anywhere in the lower 48. I would prefer not to break up this lot as my intention is to make some space in garage. Please PM me with interest and feel free to ask questions in this tread. Thanks for looking.

The following are included in the lot:
-Factory Front Shock Springs/Spacers/Washers
-Factory Rear Brake Drum Arm
-Factory Foot Pegs (rider)
-Factory Seat Foam
-Factory Head Pipe
-Factory Speedometer Cable
-Factory Front Brake Line
-Factory Gas Tank Rubber Bushings/Pads
-Factory Turn Signal Flasher

IMG_7021.jpg IMG_7022.jpg IMG_7023.jpg IMG_7024.jpg
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