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Strangest thing happened...

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I have owned several bikes over the years, some quite fancy, some not. I dabbled in a custom Sportster that had more chrome that should be legally allowed, Ducati sport bike with lots of carbon fiber and titanium, Japanese cruisers and sport bikes that were way too fast for my own good and several dirt bikes.

Yet in 30 years of riding, something new happened to my very plain, 95% stock, and even a little ugly TW that has never happened before...

The bike was sitting outside the hospital where I work yesterday and someone placed a note on it asking me if I wanted to sell it and if so to call his number. I have owned it less than a month and it is still the nasty '90 teal color

I know these bikes are a high-demand item, but really?

This ever happen to anyone else?
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Shadow, not exactly offers to buy, but I'd bet a good percentage of the folks on this forum were attracted to the bike when they saw it on the street or parked rather than discovering it on the showroom floor. Its a common statement that Mr. Yama dealer discourages people from looking at it, but the bike sells itself on the basis of its ride appeal. I know I had no intention of buying a motorcycle until I saw a guy unload a tw off the back of his motorhome in Sequoia NP and proceed to motoraway for a day of zooming through King's Canyon. Talk about envy. I was sick for a week and two weeks later had my own ride. Go figure - I've never had that urge for a sport bike or a BMW. Tom
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