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Street Tires For Sale

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I just placed a pair of really nice street tires for a TW on eBay. They came with my "new" 05 TW which I bought last week. I'll be riding gravel and dirt mostly so had no use for them. They were on the bike before I changed them out, and they looked awesome for a street bike.

Here's the link: .

I hope they're priced fair at $140 for the set. I know the rear tire sold new for $140 alone.

Make that $120 Buy-It-Now on eBay.
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Did you buy new tires already? I would be willing to swap tire for tire. Mine are stock tires with 800 miles on them! Do you know the mileage on these tires?


Actually, the bike came with the original style tires too, so I don't need anymore tires right now. Sorry
Do you know what the date stamp is on those tires, ie, how old they are? They are probably not the original 8 year old tires off the bike.
If you're asking about the tires I just put back on, they're not the original tires, just the original type.

The tires for sale are just a few months old.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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