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I finished my project but did not know which direction I wanted to go in. I bought lots of extra plastics, black and white and used the best on my bike.

This stuff is all left over and I WOULD NOT sell it if it was cracked or broken in any way. It is all completely usable not without scuffs, scratches or some dulling.

The white plastic is real nice while the black has some dulling. What you see is all that I have and if not in the photos it aint here. Note the white set is missing one side panel.

The shock is fine and off a 1991 bike but it has some flat black over spray that could easily be cleaned.

Make me a fair offer Via Private Message. I bought this stuff on the auction site and will not give it away but don't need to make money either. You pay the shipping in actual cost. I will tell you if your offer is too low or even if it is higher than I need. I prefer to sell the White plastic as a set but I will piece it out.

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