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Substitue TW

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Ok, now before you throw up, think about this. It is kinda' like a TW... it has a big fat chunk of rubber out back. It was designed and built to explore off the beaten path. It never fails to put a smile on my face. It has lead to new friendships.

Since I had been posting pics of our weekend rides..... I thought I'd post some from our last two weekends that we spent in McCall ID. Ya'll folks in Idaho have a beautiful state and it seems to be full of really nice people!! Thanks!

Jim and Nancy, from Emida. If your in the area, stop in to thier cafe and tell 'em I said Hi! They are super folks.

My Wife D. Still following me through silly adventures........... (and making it look easy!)

If you find yourself in McCall and want to stay at a FANTASTIC place, I've already found it for you. Bear Creek Lodge. Mike, Belinda and Tim are masters at making you feel right at home, comfortable and will make sure your time there is awesome. There is access to hundreds of miles of forest roads and areas to explore right from the lodge property.

This weekend we will be back on the sleds locally.

Thanks for your indulgance, I know it's a little differant......

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thats neat! how much do one of those run you?
Very neat, thanks for posting. Looks like a very nice place to stay.
Yeah, those machines would be a good substitute for the ol' TW. Looks like a lot of fun riding around in the "White Dirt". McCall sure is a good place for a winter get-away. Thanks for sharing.

Every year the family and I go up there tubing south of the airport. We did go earlier this year too, but it was raining (had lots of snow though), but the tubing hill was closed so we headed back home.

I'd like to go to Idaho but it is a long haul from IL. Been to Vail and Rabbit Ears, Wyoming (several, too many times) and Cooke City, MT. Snowmobiling is/was my passion and the TW and other dual sports is my way of exploring if I need a new hobby. I ride a 2010 M8 sort of like the white one in the picture.
Hey Bagger!

I suspect if you took a poll of the Forum members you would find you are in good company! We ride sleds too. My brother lives in Lewiston, so McCall is about half way for each of us. We ride there quite a bit. The cool thing about the sleds is that they give you about the most freedom you can get from a motor vehicle since you can travel cross country in a lot of areas and do it legally!
I know what you mean about the folks at Bear Creek Lodge. They are fantastic! They host the annual Snowmobile Fun Run during Snow Carnival. It is a fund raiser for the McCall Snowmobile Club. We attend every year to do our part to support the grooming program there.

We'll keep an eye out for you if you come back this way. In the mean time remember: If it has a motor and gets you out and about, it can't be a bad thing!


The sleds are like bikes: You can buy older ones for under $1000 and fix them up, or spend up to $15000+ on a new one! If you really want a thrill (and have LOTS of money!!!) you can get a turbo put on a sled and have about 300 horsepower at your thumb. With a machine that weighs under 500 lbs, if you add a light rider (not like me!) you can get about a 2.5 lbs per horsepower ride. Makes for a wild ride if you peg the throttle! If you want a idea what it looks like check out 208 Films or Team Thunderstruck. They have a bunch of stuff posted on the web and sell some amazing videos.

Here is a picture from last season . Hope the link works! Play.JPG

Keep ridin..........

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Here's my substitute TW.... and it's the right color too

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Well, glad to see that folks didn't mind the 'alt tw' too much. We just love anything with a motor...... exspecially if you use body english more than steering to get around.

That's a nice looking Yami Wolf, looks fast!

Roadie, we were there a weekend or two after the winter carnival, sounded like a blast. And Yes, BCL is fantastic. Did you know Tim fell off a ladder here a few weeks ago and broke his wrist? If you talk to him, don't believe a word of that crazy damn story, I wasn't even in Idaho when it happened!!

Cuzzin, I grew up in IL. Right in the flood zone, just across the river from Burlington IA. Was a pretty good place to grow up!

Admiral, we're thinkin' 'bout a road trip with the TW's to McCall this summer/fall... maybe we could meet up there ?!?

MGA, thanks, I can't adaquatly express to you how great BCL is, and it's the folks that make it awesome.

Jonjon, if you divide the cost by the smiles, WooHoo's inside your helmet and all the INCREDIBLE times.... they are FREE !! Pure freedom, and come spring all trace of us being there dissapears.... Priceless!!

Here's a pic from our last ride where things didn't go quite like I thought they were gonna!!

Thanks for indulging me everyone!

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My alternate to riding the tw in Illinois in the winter was to pack up and stay in sw Arizona in the desert. Rode tw from Jan 10th on.
I'm jealous. The South West is the only part of the U.S. that I've not explored. BUT ! It is on the list!!!!!

Bagger, it's pretty zippy, 1000cc 4 cylinder 4 stroke. Yamaha put the R1 bike motor in it, 154 hp i believe, previous owner claimed an 11 second 1/4 mile run pushing 120 mph... i believe it will do it. I haven't really had a chance to open it up and top it out yet.
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