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In our demographic survey, there is a blank where people can share anyone else they'd like to add. I thought you'd like to see what those who chose to share wrote. Clearly, people who ride the TW are in love with their little machines...


I've had a couple other TW's over the years but didn't need them much. Now after many other style and brands, I've came back to the TW's. My wife and I both have them and will likely be the last ones we need.

We enjoy the TW's on forest and logging roads. When we hop on our cruisers we return home a couple weeks and and 4 or 5 thousand miles later. I enjoy the chatter on this forum, very little ego involved, just a bunch of guys willing to roll up there sleeves and lend a hand. I hope it stays this way.

Technically don’t have a tw i have the Zongshen Sierra 200 which is a very close copy of the tw most all of the parts are interchangeable. it currently has nearly 11,000 miles on it.

I enjoy the wisdom and knowledge of some of our veteran members and their willingness to share and help.

I find that it is difficult for computer simpletons like me to add pictures, more difficult than the old forum.

I love this bike! I did a 1200 mile trip on it this summer and actually hit a black bear while on a back road. No damage to me, the bike or the bear. I call my TW the Bear Slayer.

Of all the bikes I've owned the T-Dub is the most fun and the single bike I'd choose to keep if I had to get rid of all but one.

I like utility machines. The snowmobiles I own are all work machines from the Skandic SWT to the Tundra LT. The TW is exactly what I wanted: a utility motorcycle. Not fast but will get you where you want to go.

My TW was my first motorbike. I have never ridden a bike before 2007. Now I own a Yamaha fz6r 600cc as well as my tw, and guess what? I have received many compliments and questions about my TW from unknown people, nobody asks for my new 600c.

I've ridden for 49 years and have owned around a 100 motorcycles. I think the two I have now are the most fun other than a 1957 Panhead that was a real chick magnet. Currently, I ride a TW 200 and a Honda Goldwing GL1800, different but equally fun.

Long time rider, mostly touring, but dirt when younger. Now enjoying the TW here in Arizona, it's a good little desert bike.

I picked this thing up after being turned loose on one. I had forgotten how much fun it is to sling some mud since I am primarily a Harley rider. This is really a cool set of wheels that is hard to find if you just think your going to go out and find one good luck, took me a few months to locate my 06 and hate to think about what I would of paid if the guy didn't need the money (practically stole it) for a new toy.

I enjoy the TW forum and reading the posts. Thanks for the opportunity to communicate with people with like interests.

I think the TW is one of most enjoyable bikes I've ever owned, and it looks like a lot of other people feel the same way.
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